Monitoreal is designed as a domestic product, for everyone to quickly and simply install.

Welcome to your effortless setup procedure.

Connect the ethernet

Connect the ethernet cable to your Monitoreal unit and WiFi

Connect to AC power supply

Connect Monitoreal unit to AC power supply

Wait for 1-2 minutes, when your Monitoreal device displays an LED IP Address on the top, it’s ready.

Using any web browsers

Using any web browsers, navigate to http:/IP Address/

Monitoreal unit

Sign in to your Monitoreal unit using Login: smartview / Password: smartview

You now have access to your new video security assistant interface, we’re delighted to have you aboard.

ONVIF monitoreal

Select Camera Search to see your new ONVIF

video assistant library

Add a new camera manually to your video assistant library

Let’s get notifications set up – using your Telegram app, search for the “BotFather” channel, type “/newbot” as a message, and send.

steps monitoreal

Follow the steps until you have a username and token for your bot.

Telegram token monitoreal

Open your Monitoreal interface, select Settings, Notifications, and enter your Telegram token.

You’re All Set!

Win a Free Video Monitoring Assistant
* Conditions Apply
Win a Free Video Monitoring Assistant
* Conditions Apply