Base Unit

The peoples choice for all round protection

Support: 6 Cameras20 AnalyticsUncloud SecurityAI Powered Automation

Monitoreal Security Assistant Base

Customisable rules for instant alerts about objects that matter, free from unwanted alerts.

Smart Investment. No Recurring Fees

There are no monthly fees, no hidden fees for extra features, and future upgrades are free.

Privacy Matters

All video processing is done locally, no 3rd party or cloud has access to your information.

Smart Object Tracking

Watch over what’s most important, with higher accuracy.

Zone set around car: Person detected

Zone free location: Person detected

Zone set around garden: Person detected

Replace Motion Detection

Replace Motion Detection

The best all rounder for plug-and-play smart camera enhancement.

Use Monitoreal for your business

Use Monitoreal for your business

Detect a wide variety of different animals

Detect objects even when partially obstructed

With AI you’ll never miss a moment

Get alerts for objects regardless of lighting conditions

Works best with: Monitoreal Outlet

Control security lights and/or parts of the house with Monitoreal’s smart action accessories.

Monitoreal Smart Plug

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