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Monitoreal Relay

The perfect accessory for your home security system.

Relay Monitoreal
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Trigger Actions using AI Analytics

One Touch Monitoreal

One-touch Gate & Door Access

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Supports 4 Relay Channels

A smart socket built into your smart camera system

A must have accessory for the Monitoreal bundle

  • Control lighting or trigger sound (alarm/siren)
  • Each relay channel can be configured independently
  • Array of Connection and Configurations Available
3D House Monitoreal

The Monitoreal Relay

Designed for switching electrical loads via four independent electromagnetic relays. Each of them can be controlled remotely by a command from the Monitoreal user interface. The device operates on AC 90 ~ 240 V and can be connected via Wi-Fi. The Monitoreal Relay works as a bolt-on with the Monitoreal Video Security Assistant.

Technical Parameters

Dimensions(mm): 118x127x53
Weight: 320g
Case material: Plastic
Level of enclosure protection: IP30
Method of installation: DIN-RAIL 35mm (TS35/7.5 OR TS35/15)
Available case colors: Gray
Power: Supply voltage: 90-264AC
Power input:  No more than 4W
Connector/wire cross section: Screw terminal block/24~12AWG (0.21~3.3mm2)
Control relay: Number of independent switching channels: 4
Maximum load on the channel:  6A at 250VAС, 6A at 30VDC, 3A at 40VDC
Type of contact:  COM-NC/NO
Connector/wire cross section: Screw terminal block/24~12AWG (0.21~3.3mm2)
Connectivity: 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n (802.11n up to 150 Mbps) wireless LAN
Operating Conditions: Temperature: -10~ +40C (Indoor use only)

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