Monitoreal Network I/O Relay

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Introducing the Monitoreal I/O Relay – your ultimate solution for effortless control of electrical loads with the power of three independent relays. Unlock the possibilities of seamless gate and door access control from anywhere. Illuminate your surroundings, activate sirens, and manage a wide range of appliances, both small and large. Experience the convenience of remote control as each load becomes easily manageable with a simple command through the intuitive Monitoreal user interface.

Enhance your security setup effortlessly by seamlessly integrating the Monitoreal I/O Relay with the Monitoreal Video Security Hub.




Control relay:

  • Number of relay outputs: 3
  • Number of alarm/ sensor inputs: 3
  • Manual, automatic and semi-auto switching
  • Operate each relay output independently
  • Double throw relays (NO/NC)


  • Power consumption no more than 4W
  • 150,000 operation durability at 250 VAC, 5A


  • 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet connection

Professional installation required

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