Enhance your IP camera system and replace motion detection:

UncloudSmart Action AccessoriesAccurate Detection100% Private

motion detection

Monitoreal home security assistant detects:

Personal Goods
Personal Goods
Inanimate Objects
Inanimate Objects


An uncloud based solution built with complete privacy in mind.

Truly Smart, Object Detection

AI for home security camera systems
now comes in a simple to use plug and play device.

Monitor your home with instant notifications

When updating your old camera with smart object detection you’ll receive updates straight to your private Telegram messenger, with the ability to only receive notifications – which see just what’s important – so you can ignore false detections.

No monthly fees monitoreal

No monthly fees

Monitoreal is a one time purchase, unlike the cloud which has recurring costs for a variety of home security systems.

Monitoreal works with up to 8 modern cameras

All cameras supported

Monitoreal works with up to 8 modern cameras of any brand or model. You can also use it with analogue systems via a hybrid DVR.

monitoreal Secure


Our device is hidden behind your home router and firewall and is never exposed to outside threats, unlike other solutions that can expose your external URL or IP address.


See what others say about the Monitoreal security home system, product use, detection and tracking earlier this year, as IPVM’s experts tested our product.

IPVM’s experts tested monitoreal product
Detect objects regardless of your IP camera quality

Detect objects regardless of your IP camera quality

Monitoreal will detect objects from the footage of low resolution cameras, the same as a brand new high resolution camera.

See us in action

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