The price depends on the model, please see the product page for the latest information. There is no monthly fee.

You can buy out directly from us, or through our distributors.

We are always looking for distributors, dealers, and installers. Depending on the volume, they can get special pricing, premium support, and other benefits.

Contact our Sales so we can discuss the details.

You can buy one and test it, we offer a money-back guarantee

We sometimes offer samples for sale at a discounted rate.  Please contact Sales if you are interested in evaluating our product.

Contact our Sales or your preferred distributor in your country.

Monitoreal is perfect for home use, but it can also work for small offices, industrial facilities, construction sites, parking lots – anywhere where real-time analysis is needed.

You will receive a Monitoreal device in its original packaging, with a power supply, an Ethernet cable, and a Quickstart Guide. Please note that we will soon be offering a security bundle – in which case, several cameras will also be included depending on the model.

You may continue using your NVR for recording – Monitoreal does not interfere with its operation. You do not need a smart camera (any ONVIF-compliant camera will work) with our device, as it already provides all the necessary intelligence.  If you are not sure whether your smart camera is compatible with our device, please contact Support.

Depending on the shipping address, it will be sent to you from either our USA-based or Europe-based distribution center, using one of the top postal carriers.

If you are a qualifying organization that has a VAT number, please provide it to us when you order.  If unsure of your status, please check with your accountant.


Monitoreal does all processing locally on the device – without sending any of your information to the cloud.  It does not record video.

The channel for sending notifications is also your private channel. This is why we don’t provide our own app like other companies do, because in this case your data would be sent via our own server and this would make it not private at all. With Monitoreal you choose your preferred and trusted messenger out of those we integrated, establish your personal bot channel and receive notifications directly to your device.

Even we being a manufacturer don’t have any access to your data.

The device stores your statistics internally, along with the matching scenes (still shots from the video, or sequences of frames), in order to enable you to see reports. It does not send this information anywhere, other then sending you event-driven notifications according to your personal settings.

No. We believe that the only way to guarantee privacy and personal safety is by using an autonomous device that does everything locally on your network and does not require cloud services for processing.

Not currently.  We do offer integration with various Messengers (such as Telegram) for notifications.  We also offer additional integration options – Slack, webhooks, etc.

Yes! You can share your notification channel with friends and family so you can all receive the same alerts. You can also revoke access at any time.

Definitely! Please make sure your device has automatic updates enabled if you want the latest software. We frequently release new features and performance upgrades.

Monitoreal runs our own patented object detection algorithms. We are constantly improving the software to give you smarter and faster detection and analysis. Please let us know if you have any feature requests or product suggestions.


Yes you can. However, you can’t connect analog system directly to Monitoreal Assistant. To make it work you will need to use a hybrid DVR that can convert analog signal to a digital one and then connect it to Monitoreal. We can provide you with an advice on what models can be used in this use case.

Some cameras like for example HikVision cameras come with ONVIF support disabled. To make them discoverable, you need to setup a separate ONVIF account in camera’s web-interface and enable it. Please also don’t forget to set your camera resolution to 1080p. Higher resolution will not be supported.

Currently we support 1080p or lower resolution. If you have a very high resolution camera, set it’s stream resolution to make it compatible with Monitoreal. If you are using this camera in the snapshot mode, ignore the above. Snapshots are supported of any resolution.