Download a recovery utility for your
Monitoreal Pro or Base device

Choose your operating system version.

You can recover your Monitoreal Security Hub with a provided utility. When running it, make sure your computer has access to Internet, so that the latest firmware is downloaded and installed.

Otherwise, your current version will be reinstalled. Also don’t forget to allow executing it as a program on your system.

Access the recovery utility for your
Monitoreal Spartan device

To access the recovery utility feature for Spartan appliances please do the following:

  1. Add the IP of the Spartan device on port 911 to reach the recovery tool.
    e.g. 192.168.x.x:911
  2. Log in to the device.
  3. Choose the branch you want the device to be recovered to: Release Candidate or Latest/Release.
    Please note that the Release Candidate is not the final branch, so there is the possibility of firmware malfunction.
    You can also choose to Factory Reset your appliance which will completely erase all the data, without the possibility to restore it in the future.
  4. Click “Start Recovery”.
  5. When complete, the system will show the software version that it was recovered to.