Release notes

v 1.0.3  17.04.20

New telegram bot commands:

  • /update – check if new update is available and launch update process

New update notification mechanism: web user interface will now show update status and notify you when the process is over.
Fixed issue with camera search when it didn’t show results with the first launch.
Camera preview stability improved.
Internal self-diagnostics added.

v 1.0.2  12.03.20

New telegram bot commands:

  • /system – display system information such as model, serial number, software version, system information, CPU load, RAM
  • /logs – download system logs archive directly to your Telegram app
  • /restart – reboot your Monitoreal Video Security Assistant remotely

Improved stability of Telegram API connection
Improved fan control algorithm
Improved stream processing algorithm
Fixed issue with false notifications of camera being online/offline

v 1.0.1  18.02.20

New telegram bot commands:

  • /camera – disable all object detection and snapshots storage from the selected camera by Monitoreal Assistant. Note that if you have a DVR/NVR, it will still be able to record footage from this camera unless disabled separately
  • /notify – disable notifications from the selected camera. Objects will continue to be detected and stored locally by the Monitoreal Assistant and can be checked up later from the web-user interface