Monitoreal Updates – Technical Advances

For the product software updates

v 1.3.2 28.07.22

  • Introducing input delays for the relay to sync up your Monitoreal with alarm panels.
  • Bug fixes and minor tweaks.

v 1.3.1 08.07.22

  • Bug fixes and minor tweaks.

v 1.3.0 30.06.22

  • Introducing profiles for your Monitoreal device. Now you can arm the system when you leave home and disarm upon your return. Alternatively you can set external cameras to work in both profiles. Activate Monitoreal with the “/arm” or “/disarm” Telegram commands or from the web user interface or Monitoreal relays.
  • Create a backup of your camera settings with the new download/upload feature or copy/paste the same settings across multiple Monitoreal devices.
  • Download the snapshots archive to a USB stick or drive to store all the detections as required.
  • Improved detection quality and stability.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.

v 1.2.5 14.04.22

  • The ‘audio module’ is now available to connect to your bluetooth speaker. Coupled with the relay actions, you can create different scenarios to deter an intruder from breaking into your property. Upload any audio file and link to your relay and/or smart plug to create a sequence of events to make burglars think people are home and awake and a barking dog is about to attack. This will deter 90% of intruders who will walk away.
  • Alerts and relay/audio actions can now be decoupled thanks to the new Alerts switch in every rule you configure.
  • Object detection minimal accuracy can now be set per rule. This adds greater flexibility to fine tune alerts and minimise false positives.
  • Delayed alerts of an object present can now be set with the ‘Loitering delay’ option. This will ignore objects passing by, only detecting loitering people or cars being parked in the camera field of view when the threshold time has been exceeded.
  • Minimal notifications interval in seconds has been renamed to ‘Loitering reminder’ (for tooltip information, click the question mark button).
  • Keyframe mode for capturing streams can now be enabled in the ‘System’ tab. This is useful for camera brands/models that have limited or no Snapshot mode functionality, allowing the Monitoreal device to process up to 6 channels in Stream Mode.

v 1.2.4 03.02.22

  • Minor stability improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

v 1.2.3 14.01.22

  • Improved ghost filter for live objects.
  • RFC7616 HTTP Digest Access Authentication for new camera models.
  • Telegram bot name is now available in the Alerts tab of the WUI.
  • Camera connection error reports switch is now available at the WUI.
  • Alerts on/off switch is now available at the WUI, this feature was previously only available by the “/notify” Telegram command.
  • Webhooks message now contains device serial number.
  • H265 codec stream mode now available.
  • Internal structural improvements.

v 1.2.2 16.12.21

  • Bug fixes

v 1.2.1 09.12.21

  • Detection zones can now be triggered to send alerts by either the centre of the object or the perimeter of the bounding box.
  • Cleaner detection zone preview set-up and the web user interface is now also fully optimized for mobile device use.
  • Improved accuracy of false alerts filter.
  • Minor stability improvements.

v 1.2.0 24.10.21

  • Significantly improved object detection and classification quality for both Standard and DeepSight modes.
  • The LED screen can now be turned upside down for wall mounting or turned off completely when necessary.
  • Monitoreal Relays and Smart Plugs can now be put into Strobe Mode in order to make intruders panic and walk away.
  • Detection zones can now be configured per each rule separately. Global Detection Zones will be applied to cameras which have no individual zone(s).
  • A new object- Elephant- has been added as suggested by Penta, our Indian distributor.
  • The /report command has been improved. The dates menu will now only contain the real dates with snapshots/videos that are actually stored at this particular moment.
  • Bug fixes.

v 1.1.5 06.09.21

  • You can now use multiple newtork interfaces including external USB Ethernet, USB WiFI or USB Cellular modem and specify which one is the main gateway for sending alerts. When the main gateway is not available, the user will receive a notification of that and the alerts will be sent the first network interface that has a working connection to the Internet.
  • The main web-inteface now has the Live Stream button to make it obvoius how to watch live video online when this web-interface is available.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.

v 1.1.4 15.07.21

  • Bug fixes.

v 1.1.3 25.06.21

  • Bug fixes.

v 1.1.2 23.06.21

  • Updated Telegram “/logs” command.
  • Bug fixes.

v 1.1.1 08.06.21

  • Updated Telegram “/camera” command. You can now modify the full list of camera settings the same way you can do it via the web-user interface. Now an installer won’t have to visit the customer’s site to increase the OD minimum accuracy by 10%- everything can be done remotely without exposing your Monitoreal device to external threats with port forwarding as still suggested by some analytics providers.
  • Minor bug fixes.

v 1.1.0 28.05.21

  • New web user interface home page now includes camera live view and events feed.
  • New fast and reliable firmware update engine introduced.
  • Previous landing page has been moved to the separate Archive tab.
  • Only objects specified by the rules will be detected and stored in the Archive tab from now on.
  • Monitoreal Relay and Outlet will now use MQTT protocol instead of HTTP. A user will now always be aware of the current status of the relays and smart plugs/outlets and will be immediately notified if any device has gone offline for any reason.
  • Users can now choose a primary gateway among available network interfaces. This gateway will now be prioritized when accessing Internet for sending alerts.
  • French and Portuguese locales are now available.
  • Slack alerts engine redesigned for the new Slack API.
  • Improved stability and minor bug fixes.
  • We strongly recommend that you reboot the device after this update.

v  26.02.21

  • New Telegram commands:
    /arm – Enable/Re-enable all active cameras
    /disarm – Disable all active cameras
    /system – Telegram command updated. The new format will also be showing your networking information including your external IP address
  • Pro devices stability improved.
  • New date formats added.
  • Date format consistency improved.
  • Fan has now become quieter.
  • System health check introduced at start-up and at recovery/reset to improve stability.
  • New Monitoreal Recovery Utility 1.1.0 now available to download with detailed walk through the process on your computer screen and on the device’s LED.
  • Minor interface locale fixes.
  • Minor stability improvements and bug fixes.

v  30.12.20

  • Bug fixes.

v  30.12.20

  • Bug fixes.

v  30.12.20

  • Bug fixes.

v 1.0.6  03.12.20

  • Fully automatic and semi-automatic triggering of Monitoreal Relay.
  • Static IP address now enabled.
  • Multi-language notification system.
  • Manually added cameras’ links can now be edited.
  • The German language support added.
  • New interface for zones of detection.
  • Deep Sight Mode detection has become even more accurate.
  • Standard Mode night detection quality improved.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.

v 1.0.5  10.09.20

  • New telegram bot commands:
    /relay – controls Monitoreal Relay channels
  • WiFi is now enabled. You have to use Ethernet to connect to the device at first as before, but after you’ve logged in, go to the menu in the upper right corner and choose Network to set up WiFi. We can now use two different network interfaces to have our device in both the camera network set up by an NVR and another network connected to the Internet to send alerts in case you have the CCTV system mounted this way.
  • Monitoreal WiFi Electric Relay is now integrated and can be used to remotely control electric circuits in a secure mode via Telegram messenger. It’s a 4 channel electric relay that sits in an electric panel mounted on a DIN Rail, but can be installed separately anywhere. All 4 channels are independent and can work with any voltage up to 240V and power up to 1400 Watts for every channel. It’s connected to your home WiFi network and receives commands from an MR device via a secured protocol. Currently you can only manage it manually with the /relay command in the Telegram messenger, but we will proceed with a fully automatic option based on the rules and a combined one with a manual approval by clicking a button that will come with an alert. All the circuits may both be turned on and off if they are mainly kept on for a pre-defined period of time. You can use it to turn on/off lights, alarm, locks and opening/closing gates or whatever appliances you wish to power on or off.
  • Introducing Deep Sight Mode for the Pro version of the device. Use for up to 6 channels, if you need better night vision and distanced/smaller objects detection. Otherwise we suggest that you use Standard Mode for faster detection and alerts.
  • Camera search algorithm significantly improved. An option to connect to a specific camera by it’s IP address automatically is now available.
  • For those of you who have purchased Monitoreal Security Assistant after September 15th, your device has the reset button enabled. If you need to recover your device for any reason keeping your data, press it with a staple or a pin and hold until it counts until 8 and then release. Make sure Monitoreal is connected to the Internet at that moment, so that it can pull the latest firmware update from our update server and wait until the recovery is over. If it’s not connected, you will have the latest previously downloaded version installed. You will see progress messages on the LED then until the process is over. In order to make a full factory reset press and hold the button until it counts over 9 and release when you see a message of the factory reset. Remember all your personal data and settings will be deleted once you’ve selected full recovery reset.
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

v 1.0.4  21.07.20

  • Significantly improved object detection algorithm for a Pro version. Pro will now be able to detect small objects and have a much better night vision.
  • Counting objects is now improved and working as initially intended. Now if you set up a count for example to 3 persons, you will get notified when 3rd person comes into camera’s view and get another notification when he leaves. This count with our Pro model may now be used as a COVID-19 density control function for restaurants and shops. Previously you’d only get notified when the last person would leave the camera view.
  • When a camera stops responding and delivering a stream or snapshots, the system will wait 5 minutes before sending a message that the camera went offline.
  • But if this would happen at least 5 times within the last 24 hours, the system would notify a user to check the camera.
  • Message “Camera is OFFLINE/ONLINE” has been replaced with “Camera is not responding/connection established”.
  • Camera search has been significantly improved. It won’t stall anymore because of DVR/NVR or other devices failing to response according to ONVIF standard.
  • A user can now see what devices were found what response they provided to our system’s request during the search. Other camera search bugs have also been fixed.
  • A bug when cameras of the same model would become confused when a router would distribute new IP addresses has been fixed.
  • Default Minimal notifications interval is now set to 30 seconds for a person or other objects and 1 hour for vehicle.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

v 1.0.3  17.04.20

  • New telegram bot commands:
    /update – check if new update is available and launch update process
  • New update notification mechanism: web user interface will now show update status and notify you when the process is over.
  • Fixed issue with camera search when it didn’t show results with the first launch.
  • Camera preview stability improved.
  • Internal self-diagnostics added.

v 1.0.2  12.03.20

  • New telegram bot commands:
    /system – display system information such as model, serial number, software version, system information, CPU load, RAM
    /logs – download system logs archive directly to your Telegram app
    /restart – reboot your Monitoreal Video Security Assistant remotely
  • Improved stability of Telegram API connection.
  • Improved fan control algorithm.
  • Improved stream processing algorithm.
  • Fixed issue with false notifications of camera being online/offline.

v 1.0.1  18.02.20

  • New telegram bot commands:
    /camera – disable all object detection and snapshots storage from the selected camera by Monitoreal Assistant. Note that if you have a DVR/NVR, it will still be able to record footage from this camera unless disabled separately
    /notify – disable notifications from the selected camera. Objects will continue to be detected and stored locally by the Monitoreal Assistant and can be checked up later from the web-user interface