Unlike competitors, Monitoreal keeps your data off the Cloud. Your video feeds remain 100% private.



Multiple algorithms ensure accurate activity surveillance regardless of time of day or weather conditions.



Monitoreal is continually improving. Our regular software updates provide new features and enhanced performance.



At just 5.7 watts, Monitoreal uses 99% less energy than traditional real-time data processing hardware.


Why you'll love Monitoreal.

Our advanced object detection allows you to curate notifications specific to your interests (e.g.: “Alert me if someone stays more than 10 minutes.”) and share them with family, friends, and neighbors. No app installation is necessary. Alerts can be sent via text, email, or your preferred messenger app.

Some rules you can set …

“Notify me if you see a dog between 9am and 6pm.”
“Ignore all activity for the next 60 minutes.”
“Alert me if someone is walking around the house.”

See important things

Ignore the rest


Detect kids and adults. Group familiar faces together.


Detect cats, dogs, and other pets or even farm animals.


Track cars, trucks, buses, bikes.


Track objects as they move between cameras.

Smart Video Security for your home.

No cloud, no monthly fees, no false alarms.

1. Power up

monitoreal needs to be on your home network in order to see your cameras. it can work over wifi but we recommend that you use an ethernet cat5 or cat6 cable initially (included) - it's much easier to configure that way.

  • connect ethernet port to your home router
  • connect power adapter
  • wait 20..30 seconds
  • monitoreal will display its ip address on the cover

2. Connect & configure

The device has a web-based interface that lets you easily control its settings - which you can access from any computer or mobile device (need to be on the same home network).

  • open your browser and type the IP address it gave you (e.g.
  • log in using temporary user id and password (provided)
  • let if find your cameras
  • specify which objects you want to track and when

3. Connect in Messenger

Your Monitoreal device will send you an alert whenever it detects a situation matching your preferences. We like Telegram because of its focus on privacy and impressive automation capabilities.

  • get Telegram (on desktop or mobile)
  • create your own private channel
  • tell your Monitoreal device to use the new channel
  • enjoy real-time alerts! (can share w/family)


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See it in action

These are real, unscripted visuals and situations shared by early adopters.

Handling difficult weather and lighting conditions.

Hail, rain, sleet, or snow… day or night. Our algorithms can see through the noise and identify moving or stationary objects.

Objects detected even when partially obstructed from view.

Monitoreal can reliably detect people, animals, vehicles, and other types of objects even when they aren’t fully visible.

False triggers, noise, and distractions are ignored.

Wavering tree shadows trigger motion alerts in other products. Monitoreal ignores them and looks for real movement that interests you.